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06.20.17 Cypress Technical Issues Update  7 days ago
06.20.17 Cypress Location Technical Issues  1 week ago
06.19.2017 Tdap and Flu shot during pregnancy recommendation  1 week ago
06.07.17 Blue Fish Katy Phones Back up  3 weeks ago
06.07.17 Blue Fish Katy Phones down.  3 weeks ago
5.8.17 New Offices Coming Soon  2 months ago
5.1.17 Summer Newsletter Available!  2 months ago
04.28.17 Bluefish Katy Phones Back Up  2 months ago
04.28.17 Bluefish Katy Phones Down Update  2 months ago
04.28.17 Bluefish Katy Phones Down  2 months ago
04.17.17 EpiPen Recall Lot Numbers  2 months ago
04.17.17 Online Bill Pay New Link  2 months ago
04.13.2017 Online Bill Bay Back Up  2 months ago
03.30.17 Online Bill Pay Down  3 months ago
03.27.17 Annoucing Dr. Jung’s Second Book  3 months ago
01.27.2017 Super Bowl LI Traffic  5 months ago
01.04.17 Bluefish Cypress Phones Back Up  6 months ago
01.04.17 Blue Fish Cypress Phones Down  6 months ago
12.23.2016 Holiday Closure Schedule  6 months ago
11.21.2016 Thanksgiving Closure Schedule  7 months ago
11.19.2016 Final Memorial Saturday Flu Clinic  7 months ago
11.5.2016 Memorial Saturday Flu Clinic  8 months ago
10.22.2016 Scheduled outage  8 months ago
10.8.2016 Saturday Flu Clinic  9 months ago
9.22.2016 Blue Fish Cypress Phone System Back Up  9 months ago
9.22.2016 Blue Fish Cypress Phone System Down  9 months ago
9.22.2016 Flu Vaccine Availability Update  9 months ago
9.9.2016 Flu Clinic Vaccine Availability  10 months ago
8.15.2016 Flu Clinic Dates  11 months ago
7.14.2016 Starting Solid Foods  12 months ago
6.9.2016 AAP Summer Safety Tips  1 year ago
5.27.2016 Blue Fish Cypress Closure  1 year ago
5.17.2016 Summer Newsletter Available!  1 year ago
4.19.2016 Blue Fish Cypress Closure  1 year ago
4.19.2016 Blue Fish Open  1 year ago
4.18.2016 Inclement Weather Closure  1 year ago
4.18.2016 All Blue Fish Locations Closed Until Noon  1 year ago
2.16.2016 Blue Fish Cypress Phone System Down  1 year ago
2.9.2016 “What to Know Before Seeing Your Pediatrician” hits ‘shelves’ today  1 year ago
12.30.2015 New Year’s Holiday Schedule  1 year ago
12.24.2015 Christmas Holiday Schedule  2 years ago
12.2.2015 Dr. Jung’s Book  2 years ago
11.24.2015 Thanksgiving hours  2 years ago
11.18.2015 Flu Vaccine Availability  2 years ago
11.13.2015 Last Saturday Flu Clinic – Memorial  2 years ago
11.5.15 Auvi-Q Epinephrine Injectors Recalled  2 years ago
10.31.2015 Memorial – FluMist Not Available  2 years ago
10.30.2015 Saturday Flu Clinic, Limited Supply of FluMist  2 years ago
10.15.2015 Saturday Flu Clinic and Flu Vaccine Availability Update  2 years ago
10.06.2015 Flu Vaccine Availability Update  2 years ago
10.02.2015 Flu Clinic and Availability Update  2 years ago
10.01.2015 Flu Vaccine Supply Update  2 years ago
9.18.2015 Update – Limited Supply of Intranasal FluMist  2 years ago
9.17.2015 Intranasal FluMist now available at Cypress and Memorial  2 years ago
9.17.2015 AT&T/Cricket Cell Issue  2 years ago
9.15.2015 Blue Fish Cypress Phones Are Down  2 years ago
9.11.2015 Flu Season 2015-2016  2 years ago
9.2.2015 Repost of Flu Clinic Dates  2 years ago
Guide To Sports Activities Jerseys Cheap  2 years ago
05.26.2015 We are open at both locations  2 years ago
4.7.2015 Summer Annoucements  2 years ago
02.11.15 Attention parents of Blue Fish  2 years ago
02.06.15 Discredited Vaccine Study  2 years ago
02.06.15 The New Measles  2 years ago
02.06.15 Measles is a Killer  2 years ago
02.06.15 Antibiotics Not Needed For Bronchitis  2 years ago
Reasons Obtain College Dog Jerseys  2 years ago
9.27.2014 Memorial Parents  3 years ago
9.26.2014 Attention parents of Blue Fish  3 years ago
9.23.2014 Blue Fish Memorial phone lines up  3 years ago
9.23.2014 Attention parents of Blue Fish Memorial  3 years ago
09.12.14 What You Need To Know About Enterovirus 68  3 years ago
9.12.2014 – Memorial 9.13 flu clinic update  3 years ago
09.10.14 New York Times: Let’s Not Talk About Sex  3 years ago
9.05.2014 Announcing Blue Fish Flu Clinic Dates  3 years ago
Blue Fish will be closed for Labor Day 09/01/2014  3 years ago
08.12.2014 Flu Newsletter Available!  3 years ago
7.9.2014 Blue Fish Cypress phones are back up  3 years ago
07.09.2014 Attention Parents of Blue Fish Cypress Patients  3 years ago
06.25.2014 Attention: Blue Fish will be closed 7.4.2014  3 years ago
05.06.2014 Summer Announcements  3 years ago
04.18.2014 Good Friday Hours  3 years ago
3.20.2014 Blue Fish Cypress Construction  3 years ago
03.04.2014 Dental Group Advises Fluoride Toothpaste Before Age 2  3 years ago
01.28.2014 Blue Fish Pediatrics Is Open!  3 years ago
01.24.2014 Blue Fish Pediatrics Is Open!  3 years ago
12.31.2013 New Years Hours  3 years ago
12.24.2013 Christmas hours  4 years ago
11.27.2013 Thanksgiving hours  4 years ago
11.21.2013 Attention Parents of all Blue Fish patients  4 years ago
10.31.2013 Happy Halloween from Blue Fish Pediatrics!  4 years ago
10.01.2013 Blue Fish Memorial Phones are back up  4 years ago
9.30.2013 Attention parents of Blue Fish Memorial patients  4 years ago
8.28.2013 FDA’s Drug Safety Communication: Post-Surgery Codeine Puts Kids at Risk  4 years ago
8.27.2013 Announcing Memorial Flu Clinic Dates  4 years ago
Blue Fish will be closed for Labor Day 09/02/2013  4 years ago
08.19.2013 Flu Newsletter Available!  4 years ago
Blue Fish CLOSED on 7.4.2013  4 years ago
5.16.2013 Memorial Day Office Hours  4 years ago
4.26.2013 Summer Newsletter Available!  4 years ago
4.1.2013 DHHS Nebraska: Safe Crib Resource  4 years ago
3.25.2013 Good Friday Office Hours  4 years ago
3.25.2013 AAP Gives Updated Advice on Drowning Prevention  4 years ago
1.30.2013 TCH BLOG: Flu Symptoms and the Emergency Room  4 years ago
1.15.2013 NYT: Modifying a Child’s Behavior Without Resorting to Bribes  4 years ago
1.15.2013 NPR: How Long Does it Take to Shake a Cough?  4 years ago
1.14.2013 NYT: Flu Widespread, Leading a Range of Winter’s Ills  4 years ago
12.11.2012 Blue Fish Pediatrics Holiday Schedule  5 years ago
11.27.2012 AAP: Signs and Symptoms Chart  5 years ago
11.19.2012 Thanksgiving Hours  5 years ago
10.9.2012 Flu Clinic Booster Vaccine Information  5 years ago
10.9.2012 FDA’s Analysis of Arsenic in Rice and Rice Products  5 years ago
10.2.2012 Sunland Inc. Peanut Butter Recall  5 years ago
*UPDATED* 9.17.2012 Flu Clinic Paperwork Now Available!  5 years ago
8.28.2012 New AAP Stance on Circumcision  5 years ago
8.27.2012 Now Available: 2012-2013 Flu Newsletter  5 years ago
8.27.2012 Important Flu Vaccine Information  5 years ago
8.22.2012 Blue Fish Pediatrics Closed for Labor Day  5 years ago
8.22.2012 Announcing Memorial Flu Clinic Dates  5 years ago
8.15.2012: NBC News – Avoiding ‘Fever Phobia’  5 years ago
7.26.2012 Night Light Closed July 29 for Employee Appreciation  5 years ago
7.24.2012 Houston Chronicle: Whooping Cough on the Rise *UPDATED*  5 years ago
6.18.2012 *UPDATE* BF Phones Back Up!  5 years ago
6.18.2012 **URGENT** BLUE FISH CYPRESS PHONES DOWN  5 years ago
6.13.2012 Introducing: New Patient Application  5 years ago
5.16.2012 NY Times: A Mathematical Challenge to Obesity  5 years ago
4.12.2012 Summer Newsletter Now Available  5 years ago
3.25.2012 Reminder: Good Friday Schedule  5 years ago
3.26.2012 School/Camp Form Guidelines  5 years ago
*UPDATE* 3.21.2012 Blue Fish Pediatrics Closing at Noon for Good Friday  5 years ago
*UPDATE* 2.23.2012 ATT & Verizon Reaching Cypress Phone Lines  5 years ago
2.1.2012 A.A.P. Article: AAP Expands Guidelines for Infant Sleep Safety and SIDS Risk Reduction  5 years ago
2.1.2012 N.Y. Times Article: Children’s A.D.D. Drugs….  5 years ago
1.30.2012 and KidsDoc App  5 years ago
*UPDATE* 1.10.2012 Power Back Up at Blue Fish Memorial  5 years ago
1.10.2012 Power Outages @ Memorial  5 years ago
11.30.2011 Christmas and New Years Office Schedule  6 years ago
11.8.2011 Blue Fish Pediatrics Thanksgiving Schedule  6 years ago
10.26.2011 Final BF Memorial Flu Clinic THIS SATURDAY!  6 years ago
10.24.2011 Swaddling Your Baby  6 years ago
10.17.2011 Final Flu Clinic Saturday, October 29th  6 years ago
10.17.2011 Yahoo! News: Worried about Vitamin Safety?  6 years ago
10.7.2011: NY Times Post: Report Indicates an Increase in Concussion Awareness  6 years ago
9.29.2011 Flu Clinic this Saturday!  6 years ago
9.21.2011 While-You-Wait Express Service on School Forms  6 years ago
*UPDATE* Flu Vaccine Availablity for 10/1/2011 Flu Vaccine Clinic  6 years ago
9.16.2011 *UPDATE* Flu Vaccine Availability  6 years ago
9.12.2011 Flu Vaccine Supply Update  6 years ago
9.6.2011 Flu Clinic Paperwork Now Available  6 years ago
8.30.2011 *UPDATE* FLU NEWSLETTER 2011-2012 IS HERE!  6 years ago
8.25.2011: THE 2011 FLU NEWSLETTER IS HERE!  6 years ago
8.25.2011 Blue Fish Pediatrics Memorial: Flu Vaccine Clinics  6 years ago
7.27.2011 A Great Vaccine Information Resource  6 years ago
Summer School/Camp Program Med Form Reminders  6 years ago
5.26.2011 – Blue Fish Pediatrics Closed for Memorial Day  6 years ago
5.17.2011 BF Summer Newsletter Now Available!  6 years ago
5.10.2011 Summer Forms Reminder  6 years ago
3.29.2011 BF Memorial Phones to Go Down for Maintenance  6 years ago
3.23.2011 **UPDATE** BF Phones Back Up!  6 years ago
3.23.2011 **UPDATE** BF Memorial Phones Partially Up  6 years ago
3.22.2011 **URGENT** BF MEMORIAL PHONES DOWN  6 years ago
3.22.2011 NYT: Rear-Facing Car Seats Advised at Least to Age of 2  6 years ago
3.3.2011 WSJ: Sweating Out a Fever  6 years ago
3.3.2011 Another Reason Why We Do Not Recommend Cough and Cold Medications.  6 years ago
2.23.2011 Blue Fish and E-Prescribing  6 years ago
2.4.2011 *UPDATE* Blue Fish Memorial City Open for Sick Visits  6 years ago
2.4.2011 Blue Fish Pediatrics Closed Friday Morning  6 years ago
1.26.2011 CDC Offers Flu Guide for Parents  6 years ago
NYT: Lifting a Veil of Fear to See a Few Benefits of Fever  6 years ago
LA Times: MMR Vaccine/Autism Link Study a “fraud”  6 years ago
NYT: Remedies: Honey for Coughing  6 years ago
NYT: With Kids and Coffee Tables, It’s Trip, Fall, Ouch  6 years ago
Sign Up for BF Pediatrics Newsletter Today!  7 years ago
12.1.2010 Report Questions Need for Vitamin D Supplement  7 years ago
BF Cypress: Meet the Doctors Night – Dec. 9th  7 years ago
9.10.2010 More Details on our Saturday Flu Clinics  7 years ago
9.9.2010 Flu Clinic Information Packet Available  7 years ago
8.30.2010 Flu Vaccine Information Newsletter Available  7 years ago
8.30.2010 Flu Vaccine Information Newsletter Available  7 years ago
8.26.2010 Upcoming Flu Clinic Dates  7 years ago
8.26.2010 Upcoming Flu Clinic Dates  7 years ago
8.23.2010 Blue Fish Cypress Coming Soon!  7 years ago
8.23.2010 Blue Fish Cypress Coming Soon!  7 years ago
NY TIMES: Breast Feeding Research  7 years ago
NY TIMES: Breast Feeding Research  7 years ago
AAP Updates Guidelines for Infectious Disease Exclusions  7 years ago
New York Times: Whooping Cough  7 years ago
Summer Newsletter 2010  7 years ago
Wall Street Journal: No Benefit in Delayed Immunization  7 years ago
5.26.2010 Blue Fish Closed for Memorial Day  7 years ago
NY TIMES: Top 10 Biggest Choking Hazards  7 years ago
PCV Vaccine Update 5.11.10  7 years ago
Blue Fish Will Close at Noon for Good Friday  7 years ago
3.23.2010 GSK Rotovirus Vaccine Recall Information  7 years ago
2.10.10 H1N1 Flu Vaccine Update  7 years ago
2.4.2010: Flu Vaccine Availability Anouncement  7 years ago
Doctor in MMR-Autism Scare Ruled Unethical  7 years ago
Booster Clinic 1.9.2010  7 years ago
Office Hours during New Year’s weekend  7 years ago
Office Hours During the Christmas Season  8 years ago
Booster Vaccines Available 12.19.2009  8 years ago
CDC: H1N1 Flu Vaccine Update  8 years ago
Update on Current H1N1 Flu Vaccine Clinic 12.12.2009  8 years ago
Update: Flu Clinic 12.12.2009  8 years ago
Blue Fish is on Twitter!  8 years ago
Upcoming H1N1 Flu Clinic 12/12  8 years ago
Thanksgiving Holiday  8 years ago
H1N1 Flu Vaccine Clinic 11.21.2009 Available Tickets  8 years ago
Houston I.S.D. H1N1 Flu Vaccination Availability  8 years ago
H1N1 Flu Vaccine Clinic 11.21.09  8 years ago
H1N1 flu clinic announcement  8 years ago
Booster shot schedule: For those who received 1st H1N1 vaccination at a different clinic  8 years ago
Upcoming H1N1 Flu Clinic 12/12  8 years ago
Stock update for the H1N1 flu vaccine  8 years ago
Update for H1N1 flu vaccine clinic  8 years ago
H1N1 availability  8 years ago
Clarification update for H1N1 flu vaccine clinics  8 years ago
H1N1 Flu Clinic  8 years ago
Flu Clinic  8 years ago
Local Pharmacies  8 years ago
General Questions and Answers on 2009 H1N1 Influenza Vaccine Safety  8 years ago
Q&A Regarding H1N1 Vaccine from NIAD  8 years ago
Family Flu Day Clinic Suspension  8 years ago
Family Flu Day Clinic  8 years ago
Flu Newsletter  8 years ago
Labor Day  8 years ago
Flu Information  8 years ago
Novel H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu) and You  8 years ago
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Site on H1N1  8 years ago
Independence Day  8 years ago
Hib Vaccine Announcement  8 years ago
F.D.A. Warns Against Use of Popular Cold Remedy  8 years ago
Gessner Driveway Entrance Partial Closure  8 years ago
Is Vaccine Refusal Worth The Risk?  8 years ago
Swine Flu FAQ: Will getting swine flu now protect me later? Why is winter flu season? Why do vaccines take so long?  8 years ago
Flu Genes Suggest Virus Not As Deadly As 1918  8 years ago
Top 5 Swine Flu Don’ts  8 years ago
To Travel or Not to Travel? A Swine Flu Dilemma  8 years ago
Swine Flu: Information for Concerned Parents and Caregivers  8 years ago
La Influencza Porcina y Usted (gripe porcina)  8 years ago
Swine Influenza and You  8 years ago
New York Times Article on Swine Flu  8 years ago
Summer Newsletter 2009  8 years ago
Pacifiers and Breastfeeding: No Adverse Relationship Found  8 years ago
Food, Glorious Food Myths; The Perils of Fruity Drinks  8 years ago
Changes in Texas Immunization Requirements  8 years ago
This Question Has Been Asked And Answered: A top exec quits a major autism group because she doesn’t think vaccines cause the disorder.  8 years ago
School Policy for Infectious Disease Exclusions  8 years ago
Accidental Bed-Related Infant Deaths Quadruple  8 years ago
Possible Therapy Takes Bite Out of Peanut Allergy  8 years ago
Early Exposure to Peanuts May Prevent Allergy  8 years ago
Detour Notice Relating to the Gessner Road Widening Improvement Project  8 years ago
The Facts About Childhood Vaccines  8 years ago
Babies Know: A Little Dirt Is Good for You  8 years ago
Vicks VapoRub Misuse May Hurt Infants  8 years ago
Vitamin D Update  9 years ago
6 Food Mistakes Parents Make  9 years ago
FLU SEASON 2008-2009  9 years ago
How Safe Are Vaccines?  9 years ago
Blue Fish Pediatrics’ 2008 Summer Newsletter is Here!  9 years ago
No Vaccine-Autism Link in Feds’ Ruling  9 years ago
Crib bumpers in the night: a hazard to infants  9 years ago
Rear-Facing Car Safety Seats: Getting the Message Right  9 years ago
Infectious Diarrhea Pathogens Lurk at Petting Zoos, Pools  9 years ago
Website Testimonies!  10 years ago
Blue Fish Pediatrics – Flu Vaccine Stock Update  10 years ago
Treating Disease with Vitamin C and Megavitamins  10 years ago
Traveling to Developing Countries  10 years ago
H Texas Magazine’s Top Professionals on the Fast Track  10 years ago
Traveling to S.E. Asia  10 years ago
Summer Suggestions  10 years ago
Many Factors Involved In Decolonization of S. aureus  10 years ago